Sunday, April 03, 2005


...whatever...i took my pick-up, i picked up my como, and we left for nowhere to spend few days on our own...we planned to visit some of our friends...and some of our friends were then removed from our schedule because somehow we were very slow, and the time was pretty fast...first step was to see our feeder named campesino...campesino is the one to be heavy ok to read up your mind...but como como thinks that more than your mind he follows your face...como is a real chase hunter beacuse he caught me thinking i wish i was a moviestar...somehow, he told me that if i want anything, i have to act which is more convenient than to work hard...i acted...we acted, and campesino recognized he had had to provide us with tones of have to take a lot of arrows for your indians, campesino said...he was right...but when we striked the match to burn the first of those, como wanted to have this trip like sixties hippie tape preview...god knows why he put those two girls in our car...on a highway, sun was pretty high but hot enough to make the road not float and linger, the music was crazy...como como was silent but sometimes there was a smile flash accross his face...and suddenly he said me to stop...actually, he whispered know, the air was really hot and windows were down, and i was driving kind of fast so there was heavy noise inside the car...and como como whispered to stop...i didn´t believe it he meant it seriously, so it took me some time to stop the car...i was hesitantly slowing down...all at once, i saw a girl standing by the road hitch hiking...probably...i wasn´t sure it´s really happening because it was so easy as a mexican road movie, because all that time in the car, we were like hey it´s ok to go out, maybe some girls might be fun..and, you got one waving at you to give her a ride...we let her in which gave me the right to stop the tape player and finally forget all that hippie shit...she was like...her name was anjela...and she was like she normally travels by bus but that was broken, and she really had to get to school in that town somewhere in front of long does it take her to get to school normally, como asked...forty minutes, and como was curious whether it is not too far, cause it has to be boring after some time...anjela told us that she used to travel with her friend ramona and her father by car, but they are not friends anymore, so anjela has te be on the bus every schoolday...she didn´t care...until the moment como said me to stop again...this time he shouted...i stopped the car quite at the moment, and i noticed another girl hitch hiking...i didn´t mind to take her with us to whatever school at this generous planet...anjela put on a leatherface...that i told her when i had seen her face in the rear mirror...she smiled but it took her a lot of wonder...the girl we took with us, it was that ramona...como como wasn´t surprised, and i was laughing...out loud...como said it would be the best for them if they would try to work it out...ramona asked what anjela had told us...i was like you hate each other...and did she tell you why, ramona asked...i don´t hate you, anjela said...i started the car which i do still regret beacuse it wasn´t easy to listen to that girls after that...como como set the tape player make a discrete atmosphere for friendly talking...actually, i don´t know the reason why those two girls were hating each other some time...important was that they don´t hate each other anymore because they are talking it out...como was smiling...he was looking behind at those girls at the back seat of my pick up car, and they were was true that they didn´t care about us...trouble was that i didn´t know where we are going...i didn´t know where to drop the girls...i only know they have to go to school...we passed a town and it looked like doesn´t seem like they would have any school in here, i thought, in my eyes it had to be a bigger town...the girls were still talking and they didn´t care...como como put the volume up...girls didn´t care...when i looked at como, he was looking at me with a mellow smile telling me it´s time to rock´n´roll...i pressed the gas pedal, and we were faster...we were going through a pretty small village, certainly no chance for any educational institution...girls still didn´t care talking...but i got a feeling we are on the way longer than forty minutes, and i doubted the bus would be kind of a rocket...como asked them if they are still on the way to school...yes, and they went on talking...como put his sunglasses on and let his head out of the window...i was sure he was checking a place to stop and have some smoke...girls didn´t care...when we were out and smoked that little campesino´s´out, they got out of the car and asked what´s the problem...we were like everything is fine, and then i remembered that como como really hates that word superfine, and i smiled...and then they found out they are miles away from that time with that school...they looked at us, desperately, but what, we could bring them back to school, no problem...we got back to that town i thought it was a village, but we turned to the right which proved it was not our fault...we came to a town on that shore, with some beaches and waves, and sun,. and the girls left for school...anjela and ramona...friends again...we found this internet cafe, and put this on....i´m sorry i haven´t any translation with me, but i really didn´t suppose i will be working these days...we still have to visit some of our friends, but i´m a litlle bit afraid we must take our plan shortcut...but at least, we still have a looked for a while that anjela and ramona will join us...that would ruin our peaceful intentions...


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