Friday, March 25, 2005 is not necessary... give it more than one try so let´s everybody go...i know i´ve written that i´m forced into doing it...i know it sounds bit like mysterious...but i know that i owe this to my litlle friend, to our como como...i can hear all those accusations like this is a fake blog or something but let´s say that this is not like that ´cause it is more real than it seems to me, and despite the fact that i´m listening to slayer´s "south of heaven" beats, i really am a nice guy...como como says that he can trust me...he says it because he really wants to trust me...i´m not here to sell him but to help him out...well...hopefully not really out but i think i can help him to keep his place and stuff but also to let his words and thought fly out of his tiny little place...who is como como?...that is not a proper question ´cause he speaks different language than you read...but he lives the very same life you all would like to live...funny...sometimes we ( me and como como ) have a lotta fun with all the pictures of all those consequences that might show up if we really go out with this blogging, and como como always beats me when he is getting at my poor english that ( in his own words ) can make an idiot outta him...and como como laughs at this...i´m laughing as well...and you should be next...anyway, how it´s going with this blog?...right, it´s como como who thinks, writes, speaks and conspires...but it´s me who tries to speak the common language...i mean, como como doesn´t want to have any audience but ( as far as i know him ) he never writes for himself...and by a ridiculous chance he thinks i´m the right one to send his words in the outter space...please, be patient ´cause when como como comes up with something, i have to translate it into english ( at home ), then i have to take a bus ( 21 minute ride ) to visit an internet cafe and to put his words into a blog living...but it´s still como como behind all this...


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